Aqua Service is a dynamically developing company operating in the water treatment industry. The company has been operating continuously since 2002 and was established to meet the needs of the market in Podkarpackie voivodship, however the great interest in our specialization forced us to expand our business to the whole region of Poland as well as other European countries.

In our offer you will find complete systems of recognized brands as well as our lines of water treatment devices. We install and service devices based on the latest world technologies.

We are a direct supplier of water treatment equipment.

We are a direct distributor of such brands as, Pentair, Aquaphor, TMA, Delta Water Engineering, Aquafilter, Hydro Line.

The advantage of our company is the efficient operation of the equipment selection department as well as its service. Our company has its own mobile water testing laboratory, so it can offer an almost on-the-spot solution to your problem. We also provide mail order sales in Poland as well as abroad.

Aqua Team

Here is our extraordinary Aqua Team, where everyone has his own patent of creativity!

Together we form a crew that not only provides services, but also supplies good humor to customers. With us, even a breakdown can be a reason to smile!

Captain Andrew

A true sea wolf, a master of the written word and spoken sentences who not only conducts business, but also charts a course to the edge of his imagination, making every project an unforgettable story. His ability to weave a narrative turns even the driest data presentation into a fascinating journey through the land of treated water.

Captain Maciej

Columbus of shipping, an indispensable business leader who knows how to anchor our brand in the hearts of customers. His strategies are so well thought out and his words perfectly chosen that they open every chest of golden ducats.


Echolocator - who dives into the depths of packaging to find the hidden treasure of needed parts. Nothing is impossible for him, His motto is "Nothing is lost as long as it's on top!". However, should we ever get lost in the denial of boxes, Michael would be our navigator!


Sailor of the watch - this is our foreman, who comes to the rescue of equipment drowning in problems. His tools keep a distance from them, and the screws unscrew themselves out of respect! He repairs appliances with such dexterity that even a compass envies his precision.


Wavemaster - an intrepid traveler on the ocean of e-commerce, who surfs the waves of new trends in Internet marketing. His monitor is not just a screen, but a mirror that shows images of future successes!

Together we form a crew that not only provides services, but also supplies customers with good humor. With us, even a breakdown can be a reason to smile!